Women of Aviation Worldwide Awards

Flight school flies away with five world titles

Victoria, Texas – Calhoun Air Center was awarded five world titles from Women Of Aviation Worldwide on Wednesday, April 4th.

Flight School, Calhoun Air Center – First Runner Up
‘Most Female Pilot Friendly Training Center Worldwide’

Owner, Dianna Stanger – Second Runner Up
‘Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide’

Chief flight instructor, Erin Michael – Top Ten
‘Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide’

Flight instructor, Thomas Keane – Top Ten
‘Most Supportive Male Pilot Worldwide’

Public relations coordinator, Jasmine Gordon – Top Ten
Most Productive Organizers’

“The tremendous amount of support from Victoria and Calhoun County is the motivation for the great effort we put forth this year,” said Stanger. “Each time our passengers smiled, laughed or thanked us it made it all worthwhile. Our team effort was a winning one.”

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week aims to foster diversity in aviation by celebrating history, raising awareness, and sparking vocations among the female population. Over two hundred and fifty girls and women took their first flight at the air center.

“In a world that is not always as welcoming to women as it should be, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide searches for and highlights individuals and organizations that are making a difference in fostering a shift in approach,” say Mireille Goyer, President of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide. “To win our prestigious awards, individuals and organizations must demonstrate a superior level of commitment and dedication to attracting and welcoming women in the industry. We congratulate Dianna Stanger and the Calhoun Air Center for demonstrating the highest level of commitment and dedication in their respective categories within the United States in order to win.”

The event is held worldwide each year during the week of March 8th, International Women’s Day. The air center hosted one of seventy-four events held in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Calhoun Air Center was the only flight school to represent the USA as the locations in Canada swept the remaining trophies.

“I am so proud of all those at Calhoun Air Center for making such a large impact during Women of Aviation Week! I hope other flight schools will follow in their footsteps and in turn, grow the female pilot population.” said Victoria Neuville, US Team Leader of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide.

The flight school has been awarded the WOAW Certified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility seal by Women Of Aviation Worldwide (WOAW) three years in a row.

If you wish to learn more about the newest addition to Calhoun Air Center’s flight training courses, please contact Erin Michael at 361-575-2359 or via email at


To schedule an interview or for more information about this event please contact, Jasmine Gordon at 361-746-8846 or via email at

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